Investing Made Easy

With offices in Mt. Vernon and Granville, I work with people in all stages of life to manage their investments and plan for their future.

Investments are an incredibly important part of our future because they are involved in nearly ever aspect of our financial lives.  Saving for retirement, buying a house, paying for college, and taxes are all affected by the investment process in some way.  We need our money to grow over the long run, but we also need to protect it at the right times and for the right reasons.  That is why working with me is beneficial to you.  I will help you at each step of the process to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

If you don’t think you have enough money to start, think again.  I can help you figure out how much you need to invest to reach your goals, and if you just can’t make it happen now, I can help get you on the right path.

So, what are you waiting for?

“Know what you own, and why you own it.”
— Peter Lynch

About Me


Investing became interesting to me in my early 20s and I haven't looked back!  To me, investing is like shopping; I love researching opportunities, especially ones that I think are a good value.  Although when it happens it can seem counter intuitive, in my opinion, buying when everyone is running can be a better buying opportunity.  Setting reasonable expectations and training your emotions are what make great investors.

I live in Mt. Vernon with my wife and two daughters.  I enjoy spending time with my family, being active outdoors, golfing, and of course investing!

Education and Affiliations


  • Devry University
    Cum Laude, 2008

Activities & Affiliations

• Main Street Mount Vernon Board Member