Should You Lose Sleep Over the Yield Curve

We've seen much in the news this year about tariffs and interest rates.  In regard to interest rates, the news has centered around the Federal Reserve increasing their benchmark rate and effect it's having on the yield curve.  For those that don't know, the yield curve simply charts out the yields on different maturities of Treasury securities.  The fear is that if short-term rates rise above long-term rates, we'll have an inverted yield curve which has accurately predicted recessions in the past.  However, there are many variables to take into consideration.

That's just a simple overview.  Check out this explanation for more.  Because no one truly knows what will happen, staying diversified and sticking to your plan is the best course of action to take.  Contact me today to see if you are adequately diversified, develop a plan if you don't have one, or get a second opinion on your plan.

This Correction and Other Thoughts...

We've now had a couple rough months in the markets, with them falling from recent highs into correction territory a couple of times.  This coming off of several great years.  In reality, corrections and volatility returning shouldn't be all that surprising, but it can be a rude awakening.  In the spirit of year-end planning, it helps to go back and remember what your expectations were to start the year.  Doing so can help develop future plans, depending on what type of investor you are.  This piece provides some good advice for going forward, although I beg to differ that we've actually exited the correction.  Hopefully soon.

No matter what kind of investor you are or what your plans hold, I'm here to help.  Contact me today to learn how I can help you.

Year End Checklist

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now the count down to Christmas has started.  This means the year end is fast approaching as well.  Be sure to stay on top of the things you need to do in regards to your finances, as much has to be done by year end, particularly for taxes.  See this checklist for a few things not to forget, and contact me today for help with these items.

Being Invested During the Good and the Bad

Given the market turmoil this month, you may be wondering if you should get out of the market, or possibly whether you should buy more.  Both sides of this deal with timing the market, which isn’t a good strategy for most investors (some manage to do it well).  For most, staying invested based on your goals and time horizon is the best strategy, however what you are invested in can make a difference depending on the global economy and where we are in the economic cycle.  Check out this piece for more information.  Contact me today if you’d like to learn more or if you’re getting nervous about the market and need some direction.

Investing Guru's and Corrections

When the market gets shaky, I think it's important to do a few things, such as review your holdings and keep your future in mind.  I also think it can help to look back at what some of the greatest investors had to say.  This piece shares some wisdom from Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, and Shelby M.C. Davis.  Overall, I think most of them are simply saying you have to look at investing over a long time horizon.  Anything shorter is just noise.

Market Corrections Are Healthy...

As this piece states, market corrections are a healthy occurrence to help keep asset prices in check.  We saw our second big drop of the year last week.  If you had the urge to panic and wanted to sell, it may be wise to check your holdings and see if you are positions and asset allocation fit your risk tolerance.  If you find this task daunting, no worries; I'm here to help and happy to provide a review.