Working to take the complexity out of investing.

With offices in Mt. Vernon and Granville, I work with clients of all backgrounds to help them manage their investments and plan for their future.

In my years as a financial advisor and now a CFP®, I've learned that keeping things simple is the best strategy for most people.  Many products available out there are simply to complex and expensive to be worth the investment, and often these are just vehicles which hold the same investments that can be bought in a more traditional, cost effective way.





Mt. Vernon Office

135 S Main St.

Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050


Granville Office

1670 Columbus Rd.

Suite B

Granville, Ohio 43023



Areas of Focus

retirement planning

Most of us want to retire someday, but planning for it is another story.  Let me help you figure out if you're on the right track.

college planning

As parents, we want our kids to have the best chance at a bright future.  For some that means college.  529 plans are by far the most popular vehicle to save for college and have considerable tax advantages.  Contact me today to find out more.

Investment planning

Most planning for the future requires investing your hard earned money so it can work for you and help you achieve your goals.  Understanding what your money is invested and how you should invest are paramount to your success.

Estate Planning

The inevitable will happen someday to us all, and knowing where your money will go is very important.  From making a donation to helping take care of your next generation, I'm here to help you figure it out.

Interested in Taking Control of Your Future?

Know what you own, and why you own it.
— Peter Lynch